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Assetto Corsa Cars Caterham Academy 1.0 Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars Caterham Academy 1.0 Downloads MODs

The Caterham Academy is a motor-racing championship exclusively open to novices, as their first foray into motorsport.

In 1995 the Caterham Scholarship, a novices-only speed events and racing series, was established in the UK, to introduce new drivers to motorsport.[1] The series format was a mix of sprints, hillclimbs and circuit races.

The initial cars were live axle 1600cc Ford 'Kent' Crossflows with rear-exit exhausts. The spec included a Caterham lightened & balanced flywheel, uprated competition clutch cover and drive plate, Caterham distributor with Ignitor electronic ignition, two Weber twin choke 40 DCOE 151 (sidedraft) carburettors, main jets size 120, 30mm venturi, with K&N performance filters. The maximum power was 100 bhp at 6000 rpm. They ran on list 1A Michelin MXT tyres.

The most wanted experience in Assetto Corsa!

3d model by fkkamil
textures by fkkamil & Szymik
physics by fkkamil
sound by Fonsecker?

I'd like to thank everyone involved in this project. Big thanks to people who helped me in difficult steps, beta testing and so on:
@Szymik, @ears1991, @Fonsecker, @chuky, @chargingcar, @Aristotelis , @Hany, @Patrik Marek , @Marcel Pfister , @Alex's Sim Garage ,, @rainbow pooping unicorn , @Frank Herfjord , @ViruTypeR , @Fred Joseph

and everyone who was involved.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.
If anybody feels this car is not perfect, feel free to say it. I must admit that whole mod was created in 99% by me so before complaining I'd ask for constructive criticism:)

RaceDepartment link:

It is forbidden to modify, copy or upload any part of this mod without my permission.

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