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Earn Money With Push Notifications From Your Blog

 Earn money with push notifications from your blog
Sombes: Earn Money With Push Notifications From Your Blog

In this post we will see an unusual way to monetize a website. It's about push notifications. Those notifications that appear at the browser level, showing above the web page that we visit.

Sombes: Earn revenue with notifications from your website
Sombes is an advertising platform that uses this resource to earn money with our sites. Alternatively you have another system that we can use to get money without even having a website.

Earn money with push notifications from your blog

Among the advantages of this system is that we can monetize both desktop and mobile sites, obtain additional revenue without replacing any of the advertising blocks, obtain lifetime income from our visitors, even if they never visit our website again.

If we do not have a website, we can send the traffic to our unique SOMBES URL and we will get the lifetime revenue for each active subscriber.

The operation is very simple:
The user accesses our site or unique address and subscribes to receive push notifications
Active subscribers receive daily notification, regardless of where they are browsing
You receive income for each notification received.

Earn money with push notifications from your blog

In Sombes several payment methods are available for your CPM advertising: PayPal, Payoneer, starting at $ 50 and bank transfer, starting at $ 500, with more options on the way. These are sent in a 30 days or sooner.

It has real-time statistics and quality ads, free of adware or malware. There is also the option to register as an advertiser, with several methods of orientation for our advertising.

How to insert the ad code
In the section 'Get Code' you can find the javascript code that will operate the machinery of this monetization system.

Earn money with push notifications from your blog

All you have to do is paste it into your blog to start working. It must be copied in the HEAD section of the source code. If you use Blogger you can access the source code of your site through the 'Theme - Edit HTML' section.

With the 'Direct URL' method, also available in Sombes. You can get subscribers in this service. Any type of traffic is allowed: forums, social networks, blogs, etc. You will receive lifetime earnings from users who subscribe through this link, no matter which website they are browsing.

In addition, a referral system is also available for which you will be rewarded with a commission of 10% for each user you invite to the platform.

 Earn money with push notifications from your blog
Link and registration:

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