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Assetto Corsa Cars Opel Calibra DTM Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars Opel Calibra DTM Downloads MODs

The Opel Calibra V6 4 × 4 was a prototype of the Adam Opel AG , based on the road approved Opel Calibra , developed for the DTM / ITC and used in these racing series. In 1996, Manuel Reuter won the ITC with this car. In 1999, Volker Strycek set a DTM-Calibra on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Opel in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring .

In 1992, the new Opel sports chef Walter Treser withdrew the Opel Omega from the DTM to build a new car for 1993 in the course of the regulations adopted by the ITR in 1991 .
The new regulations were no longer a race series with several classes, but a uniform displacement of 2.5 liters and a maximum of 6 cylinders. All-wheel drive was allowed. 

The old "law" of the homologation number of 500 sold copies in twelve months was abandoned. It was permissible to pick up a model from the large series with a suitable engine from the own house (also from other model series).

These changes should enter into force with the 1993 season. The Calibra with all-wheel drive and a V6 suction engine was not yet finished for 1993. Opel put him to the test in the last race of the 1993 season in Hockenheim with the renowned Joest team , which was successful in Le Mans and Daytona in the Group C sports car. The drivers were first the Le Mans winner Manuel Reuter and the Formula 1 World Champion Keke Rosberg .

Opel Calibra ITC v1.00 17.07.2017
-add 3 skin:
-add v10 tyres
-rebuild LOD's
-new rear lamp texture
-improve body and some model errors
-new mapping + AO
-some new material
-new dirt and damage

Opel Calibra ITC v0.72
-add 2 skin(I-line,opel team joest)
-aero upgrade(with rear diffusor,and active spoiler)
-add setups:
-rev limit 100-105%

-front dif power+coast
-center dif coast
-dtm 90slics
Opel Calibra ITC v0.72
-add Promarkt Alzen,Promarkt Ludwig

-aero fix
-susp fix
-front bumper fix
Opel Calibra ITC v0.73
-aero fix
-ew power.lut
-rear suspension
-3d body upgraded
Opel Calibra ITC v0.74

-new sound
-new driver,pedals,gear shift animation
-active aero
Opel Calibra ITC v0.75 29.06.2015
-fuel consumption
-steering ratio
-new steering wheel +ks shader

-digital fix
Opel Calibra ITC v0.76 02.08.2015
-body fix
Opel Calibra ITC v0.77 09.08.2015
-carbon cockpit upgrade
-improve instrumental panel quality

-add missing fire button
-door lock and window-new material
-windows/glass bug-fix
-add some interior detail-wire ,screw
-add brake glove system
-delete lod system-build new when finish LOD0
Opel Calibra ITC v0.78
-new FOV setup
-correct cokpit exposure
-gear ratios set(YT telemetry estroil+HH+fictional NB)
-handbrake no longer avaidable
Opel Calibra ITC v0.80 11.11.2015

-new rollcage
-add weld + nrm-experimental
-add extinguishing system
-add motronic+wire
-new sound by Ferrari64
-public relase
Bug list:
-no lod on this moment-please dont use on multiplayer mode

Assetto Corsa 
Opel Calibra DTM 
1040kg 500HP 310+Nm 0-100: 4.0+s 300+km/h
Downloads MODs

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