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Assetto Corsa Track Autobahn 0.3 Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Track Autobahn 0.3 Downloads MODs
Somewhere in Germany
two lanes per side
15 km in both directions

A fictional, 30 kilometers long stretch of german Autobahn.
This is a very early version everything is work in progress, but driving high speed battles against the AI is already great fun.

The AI obeys the "Rechtsfahrgebot" and always sticks to the right lane and overtakes only the left. This can cause some weird situations with Assetto Corsa's AI, but for the most part they do a good job. They properly enter the pits to refuel so you can do full races. It is interesting to see which cars have the best accelleration, highest top speed and best fuel efficiency.

In regards to the track the base is now mostly done, now there are lots of objects to model and details to add. It will take a while ...

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