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Assetto Corsa Cars Mazda MX-5 de la Copa Mundial Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars Mazda MX-5 de la Copa Mundial Downloads MODs

The Global MX-5 Cup is the professional Spec Miata series sanctioned by the SCCA in the United States of America. 

The pro Spec Miata series has its roots in 2003, but a unified national championship was launched in 2006.

The first generation Mazda MX-5 or Mazda Miata was launched in the US market in May 1989 (model year 1990). 

The Sports Car Club of America placed the car in the Showroom Stock C class for production vehicles with a 1.600cc engine. 

The rules allowed the car to be entered in races when the model was one year old, in 1991. 

As production and popularity of the sports car grew the SCCA developed a separate class for the car. 

After an exhibition race at Road Atlanta in 1999 an SCCA regional class was launched in 2000. 

In professional autosport the Miata's were entered in the SCCA World Challenge, but without major results.

An early version of the Global Cup MX5

The data files are all open, if anyone wants to help and improve physics feel free because I don't know much. There's a lack of reference data available at the moment due to the car not being released yet

Template is included too, if you make some cool skins I'll pack them with later versions of the mod (with permission and credits of course)

-physics are not correct because there is no reference data
-FPS performance with a full grid (car is 500k poly)
-no damage
-no dirt build up

3D Model by Tomasz Rozkosz - Squir

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