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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Earn Money by Sharing on Social Networks or Blogs Apps for Free and Pay you for Each Installation, and Pay Very Well Each Installation of Apps

 Earn Money by Sharing on Social Networks or Blogs Apps for Free and Pay you for Each Installation, and Pay Very Well Each Installation of Apps
Would you like to earn extra money with each application that users download from your website or blog? Since there is already the platform that facilitates this service: it is called GeenApp. Jaime Ferrer (CEO), Javier Casares (CIO) and Gina Tost (COO) and currently with a team of just 16 people, manages diverse: a person born in Barcelona in April 2013 represents the work of a small group of entrepreneurs platform markets (Spain, USA, UK and India), with 3,000 users worldwide.

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The Spanish @geenaap already has more than 3,000 global users #app

What is and how it works GeenApp
In GeenApp you have on the one hand developers willing applications to increase the number of downloads. The volume of discharges is an important factor in terms of ASO (App Store Optimization). However, it becomes increasingly difficult to attract the attention of users in app stores millions of free and payment options. Therefore, developers pay for advertising and facilities solutions.

On the other hand, in Geenapp also play an important role publishers: individuals (usually) promoting applications on their websites and social profiles. For every download, they receive compensation for each installation achieved.

And as an intermediary and manager of the platform we have GeenApp, which receives a small transaction fee.

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Keys to success GeenApp

GeenApp was born with an eye on international markets and have achieved gradually be positioned in highly competitive markets.

The largest number of users are American (900), followed by Spain (600) and Indians (200). In any case, the number of users is not related to the volume of downloads in each market. Most applications downloads Geenapp from India and then the United States. Only 8% of its turnover comes from Spain.

Another key element in the success of GeenApp is effectively automating the process. They have managed to create a programmatic platform that brings together developers offers its facilities. A need that was under the noses of everyone, but they generated the idea. Currently they released every day more than 1,000 new campaigns and receive between 3,000 and 5,000 offers pay per download.

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Financial support
He also had an impact with the financial support of ENISA seed capital and subsequent support of Wayra, the acceleration program Telefonica. In this way, the road has made them easier.

The future of GeenApp
According to its CEO Jaume Ferre, the company wants to move towards the conquest of large publishers, or business websites million visits and who may be interested in generating additional revenue with the recommendation app downloads.

We expect the company to grow, because its service is useful.

Did you know?

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