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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Connectify Hotspot New Version Use Your PC as an Access Point Wi-Fi Download Software

Connectify Hotspot New Version Use Your PC as an Access Point Wi-Fi Download Software

Use your PC as an access point Wi-Fi

Connectify Hotspot is a program that lets you share a WiFi network in another WiFi network. The idea is simple: your PC is connected to a WiFi network and generates another short-range connection that can connect to other devices.
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While connected to WiFi to generate more WiFi may seem absurd, the truth is that is useful in some specific cases. For example, some places offer WiFi connection, but to use it you have to insert a username and password, only valid for a certain number of devices. If you have more, you have to disconnect one before connecting the other. A mess.

It may also be useful such programs in extreme situations where WiFi coverage is pretty bad. Let's say you have the router in the lounge, and the connection does not reach the kitchen, but it comes to a room located halfway. With Connectify Hotspot you could create a secondary network, short range, to bridge and thus extend the range of your network access.

 Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot is similar to other similar programs to create virtual WiFi networks. Share with them the need for a network card that supports this feature. If this is not your case, it will warn you.

Moreover, it is generally more powerful than other virtual routers program. For example, clearly it shows what devices are connected to your network and allows you to send files.
Very intuitive but somewhat limited
While Connectify Hotspot is fairly complete, it is also quite heavy. Urges you deserting to the PRO version, pay, every time you do anything, and it's quite overwhelming.

In any case, Connectify Hotspot includes a small guide to use the first time you use it and includes explanations of all your options. You should not be a problem to use it.
A good virtual router
However, one can say that Connectify Hotspot is a good choice in terms of programs to share your WiFi connection. It is generally more stable and better than its competitors, but in return you try too effusively passes to the paid version and is somewhat limited in what it offers to users of the free version.

Simple to configure
Automatic device detection
Administration of shared files

Win7 / Win8 / Win10

Free Download

 Connectify Hotspot

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